War Memorial & Mount Remarkable Copper Mine

Melrose War Memorial and the Mount Remarkable Copper Mine Located on Joe’s Road on the hill (Mount Remarkable) overlooking the town the Melrose War Monument was constructed to commemorate those killed in action during World War I. It was paid for by public subscription. The World War II gates in the main street of Melrose adjacent to the Memorial Gardens were erected because it was considered that elderly citizens would have difficulty accessing the monument on the hill.

From the monument you can walk on the Melrose Nature Hike to Mount Remarkable Copper Mine which is located 3.5 km south of the monument. Beyond the mine site there is a walk to Bald Hill Lookout. The sign to the mines notes: “Mining operations commenced in 1846”. The Melrose Mine, which is located along the Nature Walk, was first worked in 1848. No lode of any consequence was discovered in either mine. Wages were high and transporting the ore was costly. Both mines closed in 1851, with the dissolution of the Mount Remarkable Mining Company. The Melrose Mine was again worked in 1873, 1907 and 1916-1917. Although the early copper mines were financial failures, they did create interest in the Mount Remarkable district. When Melrose was eventually surveyed, it was in country which was already well known, and this undoubtedly helped to get the remote township off to a good start.

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