Melrose Strawberry Fete

The Strawberry Fete holds a long history in Melrose with the original Strawberry Fete (pictured) dating back to c. 1910.

While very early information from that era is little hard to find we know in 1949 the event was originally called the Methodist Strawberry Fete and Mr. Herb Eye of Melrose, provided the strawberries for each fete. 

Early fetes involved stalls and lucky dips for the kids but the highlight of the evening was a concert where visiting artists and locals participated.  This concert was eventually managed by the Melrose Primary School students.  Information is not available how long this continued. 

The Strawberry Fete was the major fundraiser  for the Institute Committee from 1974 – 2000 where it folded for reasons unknown.

Melrose Community Development Association  revived this historical event in 2017 and profits contribute to worthy community projects as listed above.  Todays fete runs annually on the first Sunday in November from 10am – 4pm.  Still a fantastic free social occasion with a wide variety of market stalls attendees will also find competitions,  face painting, car displays and lots and lots of delicious strawberry produce!   

The Strawberry Fete Committee (a part of Melrose Community Development Association) opens stall holder registrations in September each year.


Please download our Stall Application. Application Forms MUST be submitted by October 1st.

If you have any questions please feel free to email the Strawberry Fete committee here.  The Strawberry Fete Committee can also be contacted via Melrose Strawberry Fete Facebook page. 

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