Mountain biking

Bring your own bike or hire one here!

Melrose is mountain bike central, with approx 100km of single track trails in the foothills of Mount Remarkable and nearby.


The trails take you into some truly special Australian landscapes and are spectacular and fun! The trail design incorporates a passionate love for nature, dirt, tranquility and adrenaline.

Trails such as On a Bender, Greener Pastures, Bear Pit, Hellrose, Dons SummitThrowing Copper, the Big Rhua and Dodging Bullets.

You might choose to ride with a local group of bike enthusiasts called ‘Southern Flinders Rough Riders’ who welcome visitors on any of their early morning rides throughout the week. These rides are for people who like their mornings fresh and their riding fast and furious.  The group also cater for families and children, with their Sunday 10am ride.

If you are new to mountain bike riding and want to know more about your bike and how to maintain it you may wish to join the Melrose Shredder Club ran by local Bike Shop, Over the Edge.

The beauty of Melrose is that most of the tracks are accessible from your accommodation whether staying at the pub, cabins, or camping in Melrose or at the Showgrounds.

Visit Over the Edge or  Melrose Mountain Bike  websites to read more:    

Fat Tyre Festival

Every June Long weekend one of Melrose biggest events occurs. Mountain bike riders from around Australia come to Melrose for the Fat Tyre Festival – some making this event their “must do ” every year!

Riders love the chilled out vibe and non competitive nature of the event. They come to improve their skills, ride trails they wouldn’t normally be allowed to ride on outside festival times, meet new friends and enjoy all the entertainment through out the day and night!

Visit the official website for more information:
Melrose Fat Tyre Festival